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In today's competitive environment, where customer brand loyalty is often tied to the people running the company, it is critical that you are proactive about your personal brand to advance your industry leadership reputation and role.

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If you find a Board or Speaker opportunity, or if you are approached – – what will you provide to show your background, qualifications, skills, and areas of expertise you could provide counsel to the board or panel?

Also, do you know WHERE to find opportunities – – and what to say, when you reach out?

This is where we can help…

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Your new branding tools will be built based on your anticipated use, including:

    1. Board Membership Applications
    2. Speaking Opportunities
    3. Media Opportunities
    4. Author Opportunities
    5. Community, Civic or Nonprofit Leadership Positions
    6. Industry Expert Contributions – industry magazines, conferences, etc.


Typically, there are three segments who find value in these services:

  • Corporate executives who want to better brand themselves as leaders within and outside of their corporation
  • Upwardly mobile professionals seeking to advance their career and industry opportunities by developing their individual brand
  • Consultants, start-ups who need help positioning themselves to stand out from the competition and launch their brand


  • To clearly identify and align the value you would bring an organization – the industry
  • To strengthen your company's overall image and competitive advantage to secure contracts, partnerships and investors
  • To secure leadership opportunities that advance your career, including speaking opportunities, requests for media interviews, invitations to executive board and civic leadership positions and memberships to exclusive industry organizations

Our Process

We start with a brief questionnaire that helps kick off our relationship and jumpstart the conversations in our first 90-minute session.

  • We want to know about what you do (and what the company you work for does, if related to your goals), who you serve, and what value you bring to your clients, partners, investors, stakeholders, and your industry. Once you return this, we schedule our 90-minute session.

After receiving your input to kick off our partnership, we send you a link to schedule your 90-minute one-on-one consultation for a date and time that works best for your schedule.

  • We use this time to dive deep into your experience, and your results & accomplishments – to uncover what sets you apart and makes you a leader in your industry. We dig into your career highlights, and personal stories, to ensure we understand who you are – and what you bring to the table as a leader.

Then we begin writing – with your resume (or your Executive Bio if you purchased the Bronze Package), providing a first draft within 5-business days of our consultation.

  • Each round of edits are returned in 3-full business days
  • All packages include 45-calendar days of unlimited revisions after you receive the first draft of the resume (or 30-days, for the Bronze Package)
    • This time does not restart when we begin the items after your resume – so it's important we stay on task until completion


We can also accommodate your rush order needs – pricing is based on your specific turnaround needs, and project parameters

After the resume is finalized the Executive Bio first draft is delivered in 4-business days.

  • Each round of edits are returned in 3-full business days

Once your resume & Executive Bio have been finalized, we will complete all remaining materials purchased – LinkedIn profile, Project / Career Highlights document – per package purchased.

These remaining materials are delivered in 4-full business days, and are completed all at once and delivered at the same time.

  • Each round of edits are returned in 3-full business days
  • The 45-calendar days of edits do NOT start over, it is a continuation from when the resume 1st draft was delivered

Project / Career Highlights Page

  • Your Top 3-5 Projects/Initiatives: This tool is valuable for outlining your career's big wins and top accomplishments on a single document to cement your credibility and experience with prospects, boards, investors, publishers, and conference speaker coordinators.
  • Clients use the Project/Career Highlights page to highlight industry and functional expertise in areas related to driving transformation – – growing revenue – – expanding operations – – increasing brand loyalty – – strengthening distributor and channel partnerships, etc.
  • We get the core information from you – and reorganize, rephrase, and polish to ensure it aligns with your other materials – creating a cohesive brand across each touchpoint within your toolbox
  • Please see more info in the BELOW FAQ section

LinkedIn Profile

  • After we complete your Resume and Executive Bio, we complete your LinkedIn profile – – – ensuring it is fully keyword optimized, including searchable titles – – – robust skills – – – job descriptions – – – and your very powerful and important ABOUT section – to frame you up for future opportunities and improved engagement with clients, future partners, investors, or speaker audiences.
  • Please see more info in the BELOW FAQ section

Once all materials are finalized, we send a link to schedule your follow-up coaching session, which must be held within two (2) weeks of completion of your materials.

We can use this time together in whichever way YOU would find the most value:

  • The most common request is – – where and how do I find opportunities – and what do I say when I reach out?
  • to polish up your elevator speech
  • provide you with a custom LinkedIn tutorial with guidance on how to utilize it for your specific goals
  • share insights on how to expand your thought-leadership opportunities (media mentions, speaking opportunities, board appointments, content development – industry magazine article contributions, podcast guest, etc.)
  • We can decide together the best use of this Wrap-up Strategy Session to bring you the most benefit toward your specific objectives.

Our goal after this final step? You are ready to launch your new strategy with your new tools – are fully confident in your new materials – – how to use them – – and can easily articulate what sets you apart in your industry.

How long will it take?

START-TO-FINISH TOTAL TIME: most clients are completed in ~2-5 weeks

  • Some people take a little less time, others a little more – this depends on your responsiveness

Consultations: Are scheduled for dates/times that work best for your schedule – we will provide a scheduling link to choose (held via phone calls)

  • Edits: All packages include 45-calendar days of unlimited revisions after receiving the first draft of the resume
    • This time does not restart when we begin the items after your resume
  • Resume first draft delivered in 5-business days
    • Edits returned in 3-full business days each round
  • If you purchased “The BRONZE” Package – there will be only 30-days of edits

Please see the “Our Process?” section on this page – for a complete breakdown of each step of the process

Leadership Branding Packages *

Clarity & focus in direction is key. It will be important upfront that you know your target market, and the goals for your materials.

FAQ's below – if you have any additional questions – please call 1-800-603-6623.

GOLD Package

  • Questionnaire
  • 90-Minute Consultation
  • Executive Resume
    (typically 2-3 pages)
  • 1-Page
    Board/Networking Resume
  • Executive Bio
    (your 1-Page story)
  • Short Bio
    (for websites, online profiles, etc)
  • Project / Career Highlights Document
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • 1-Hour Wrap-up
    Strategy Session
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SILVER Package

  • Questionnaire
  • 90-Minute Consultation
  • Executive Resume
    (typically 2-3 pages)
  • ——
  • Executive Bio
    (your 1-Page story)
  • Short Bio
    (for websites, online profiles, etc)
  • ——
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • 1-Hour Wrap-up
    Strategy Session
190x100 w

BRONZE Package

  • Questionnaire
  • 1-Hour Consultation
  • ——
  • ——
  • Executive Bio
    (your 1-Page story)
  • Short Bio
    (for websites, online profiles, etc)
  • ——
  • ——
  • 30-Minute Wrap-up
    Strategy Session
190x100 w

The Executive’s Marketing Toolbox

  • Customized Letters to target Board positions – Speaking opportunities – Media mentions
  • Your Choice
  • Board Application
    Cover Letter
  • Speaker & Presenter
    Pitch Letter
  • Media Outreach
    Pitch Letter
  • Additional Strategy Session
  • These are ADD-ON options to the GOLD & SILVER Packages ONLY
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*If you have held 10+ job/projects/contracts since the year 2005, add $300 to the price to account for reviewing/writing a longer history. (except the Bronze Package)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you be a good asset to an executive board? 

What experience and skills do you offer that could advance the board’s goals?

Board members are selected for various reasons but mostly for how their experience and skills can augment the board’s full breadth of expertise and capabilities.

  • We will develop a powerful customized cover letter that you can easily edit and send with your other materials (a bio, 1 pg. resume, for instance) to get the attention of the board and organization’s leadership.

Do you know how to secure speaking opportunities at industry events and conferences?

Do you know how to pitch yourself to conference coordinators and planners, and within what kind of timeline to get noticed and secure a keynote, presenter or panelist opportunity?

  • We will develop a custom pitch letter outlining to coordinators what you have to offer in terms of expertise and potential topics to meet the needs of their attendees and discuss what to send when to send it, and how to follow up.

How do industry professionals get quoted in magazines or ezines, secure guest spots on podcasts or business talk shows, or get their articles published in key industry publications?

They have a strong media outreach toolbox that includes a bio – – – a 1-page resume – – – and a pitch letter that tells the editor or producer:

  1. Your expertise area
  2. Why you are qualified as an expert.
  3. Where this expertise fits into the media platform’s readership, and
  4. Offers a few suggested topics they’d like to be considered for to contribute – a guest article – or to be quoted in an upcoming issue

We will prepare a hard-hitting media pitch letter AND coach you on how to customize it for different purposes in your media outreach to get quoted and contribute articles in front of your target audience.

Yes, absolutely! We offer a robust assortment of coaching services – these are just the packages that most of our clients BEGIN with.

But to be clear, we do not place executives – – we will provide you with the tools, direct resources, and coaching – – to either create, or find your own opportunities.

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions: 1-800-603-6623

Yes, absolutely – – click on the “Customize Now” button below each package – – you'll see customization options to add items, from the higher packages.

  • We can also add conversation time to every package – – CLICK HERE to see that option

In one word? Everything!

This is a complete experience.

We rewrite the top summary section to better tell your unique story — your job descriptions — we fully set up keyword selection and optimization — update your skills (maximizing all 50 opportunities) — set up new banner and profile photos — Patents — Awards — Media Mentions — Media Uploads – as well as ensure your profile is set for ideal visibility. This is all done with your network notifications turned “OFF” – so no one will know, unless/until you are ready to push your new profile out to the public.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you have: 1-800-603-6623

**Financing – we also offer very flexible Payment Plan options for all services

  • CLICK HERE for more information about Affirm
  • CLICK HERE for more information about PayPal Credit
  • After applying – just complete checkout as you would normally on our website

You can also call anytime with questions – 1-800-603-6623 or CONTACT US HERE

No, ALL edits are included with our services. We want you to be completely confident in your new materials – so we include either 30 or 45-days of unlimited revisions after receiving the first draft of the resume – for edits & revisions of all materials. (depending on which package is purchased)

You can either CLICK HERE to set up a call to discuss – – or you can also just call us directly at 1-800-603-6623. We keep regular office hours Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm CST, and Fridays 9am-4pm CST.

What Our Past Clients
Have Said About Us…

“…the work you did was outstanding….”

The work you did on our senior management team’s executive bios and online profiles was outstanding. We appreciate your tenacity in working with our busy leadership team to complete this project quickly. The session you provided our team on how to make best use of our new bios and profiles toward other opportunities was incredibly valuable. Look forward to hearing from us soon on other PR and writing needs for our firm.

Jack L., CEO, Major Law Firm

“…one of the most valued partners I have…”

Our national corporate office said it was the best written executive bio they have seen from any of their Licensees – ever. Thank you so much for helping me stand out with all the materials you have provided and the marketing guidance. As a new business owner, you are one of the most valued partners I have, and I look forward to a long relationship.

Bill S., Independent Sales Agent

“…delivered results that went far beyond expectations.”

PRC worked with me to refine and refresh my professional branding materials. My writer was a great coach, asking on-point questions and crafting excellent suggestions while inviting feedback. She and the support team provided outstanding leadership through the process and delivered results that went far beyond expectations. Without reservations I would recommend PRC for their expertise in this field and premium customer service.

Tom B., Senior Sales Director, Automotive Manufacturing

“Exceptional wordsmith……a life changing process….”

Exceptional Wordsmith is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Pro Resume Center. Their process and experience proved to be a true asset in getting the best information out of me to better tell my story and summarize my unique background. Speaking with my professional writer and coach was so easy, I didn't even notice we were working on what would become a life changing process. I would recommend PRC to anybody looking to push their resume or career to the next stage.

Adam, Senior Enterprise Director, Technology Industry

Get Noticed. Get the Call. Get the Job.

Our custom approach includes personal consultations to help you take a new strategic view of your job history and accomplishments, and together we will elevate your resume, linkedin profile, cover letter and other job search materials to new heights.