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We are committed to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals as a confident, polished, and engaging speaker and help you influence, educate and energize your audience.

Time to step it up. We can help.


At some point, everyone has felt nervous delivering a presentation or speech. It’s human to feel this way. But the best method to squash those nerves is to practice, prepare, perform, and work with a skilled public speaking and communications coach.


We offer proven methodologies and techniques to help you find your voice and executive presence for public speaking. Much of your success is linked to confidence and body language – it’s not just what you say; it’s how you say it. The pace, tone, and engagement tactics used to connect with your audience are critical to ensuring they find value in and remember what you said long after they’ve left the room.

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What Will I Learn?

Clients work with us to improve their public speaking on various levels, but the common topics generally requested include:

  • Body language and commanding the space, stage, and room

  • Defining your audience

  • Impact methods and strategies
  • Content Development, structure and flow – openings and closings
  • Vocal presence, including volume, tone, and enunciation
  • Pauses – eliminating filler words
  • Audience engagement and reception – how are they receiving what you are saying?
  • Maintaining control, overcoming high anxiety points, overcoming nervous filler words
  • Handling adverse audiences
  • Engagement tactics
  • Preparing backup plans and go-to phrases in case of interruptions, audience challenges
  • Any other public speaking and presenter topics you wish to discuss to help you prepare

Who Will I Be Working With?

  • Janice Burch has supported clients in preparation for keynote presentations, corporate and annual meetings, client presentations, media interviews and professionals looking to advance their leadership reputation within their company, community and industry.
  • An award-winning journalist, PR consultant, media relations professional and executive coach, Janice has worked with the C-suite and emerging executives on public speaking, communication challenges, media prep and presentations.
  • She specializes in helping senior-level, and career advancement-focused professionals develop leadership-level presentation and communication skills to power up their public speaking presence.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

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Process – How Does it Work?

After purchase – you will receive a brief questionnaire to complete – to gain a better understanding of your goals, objectives, concerns and more.

This way you have control over how we focus our time together, and what we should discuss – which is further clarified together in our “Planning & Assessment Call”

Schedule your first 30-minute call (if purchasing Apprentice level or above)

  • Or your single 1-hour session (if purchasing the Brush Up 1-hour package)

There are MANY ways we can support your efforts – this Planning & Assessment call will ensure our time together is as robust as possible, covering the topics that are most important to you.

During our first 30-minute session we will discuss your upcoming speaking events (if any are planned) – – and develop a customized plan for our coaching sessions.

*All purchased sessions be used within a set time frame to ensure robust discussion, and continued momentum as we work together to improve your speaking skills.

Please see each package below for those timeframes.

*All sessions will be held as phone calls; you will have the ability to add on or change this when purchasing a package, including:

  • adding audio recording of each session
  • or screenshare recording with the audio recordings of each session

The “BRUSH UP” is a Single 1-Hour Session

You are a little rusty, and it’s been a while since you delivered a presentation and need guidance with objective coaching on how to up your game – with a refresher on best practices to engage your audience, talk about the hook, and the closure.

This is an excellent option for clients who already have their presentation prepared and want to get feedback on what and where to improve – so they can take it from there.

*** NO INITIAL 30-MINUTE Planning & Assessment CALL WITH THIS PACKAGE ***

All prices listed already include communications, email schedule reminders, and our preparation and review of your materials before calls – ensuring a robust discussion and real-time feedback during each session.

There are no surprise, or hidden fees

FIRST STEP: Planning & Assessment Call

  • Through an initial 30-minute call, we discuss your goals and objectives to achieve a strong understanding of your growth needs and concerns about your abilities – – so that we can set objectives and goals in our work together.
  • Discuss your future audiences and potential settings (major conference in person, virtual, webinar, industry colleagues, potential clients, etc.)
  • Establish objectives for the first and subsequent sessions

We will send an outline after that call highlighting what the future sessions will cover – keep in mind this can be a fluid document with opportunities for updates after each call, based on discussions and uncovering areas of need.

  • All packages except the single session “Brush Up” include the First Step 30-minute planning call

Custom packages can be created to fit your needs if you require more session time – – please inquire further, 1-800-603-6623

Package Options *

**Financing – we also offer a very flexible payment plan option for all services – please reach out for more information and the application – – – or click the “Pay Later” button while checking out/completing payment – – call us at 1-800-603-6623 or CONTACT US HERE with questions

FAQ's below – if you have any additional questions – please call 1-800-603-6623.


  • Questionnaire
  • 30-Minute
    Planning & Assessment
  • Six (6) 1-Hour Sessions
  • * All sessions must be held within six (6) weeks of getting started
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  • Questionnaire
  • 30-Minute
    Planning & Assessment
  • Four (4) 1-Hour Sessions
  • * All sessions must be held within four (4) weeks of getting started
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  • Questionnaire
  • 30-Minute
    Planning &Assessment
  • Two (2) 1-Hour Sessions
  • * All sessions must be held within two (2) weeks of getting started
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  • Questionnaire
  • ——
  • One 1-Hour Session
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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Janice Burch, you will find her broad and deep skills in communications and public speaking coaching will help you learn new tactics to improve your delivery and engagement, and help you approach each speaking opportunity as an exciting opportunity to connect with your audience.

Janice has a reputation for keeping her clients focused and engaged, while increasing their skills and confidence.

That choice is up to you. While Janice firmly believes that practice and preparedness creates confidence, your interest in growing your skill set is directly linked to your interest in putting in place the new tactics and recommendations you receive during your sessions.

It helps to put in place all of the things you have learned during the sessions, to see how they work for you – and if needed, discuss during a subsequent session.

The packages listed above are for phone call sessions.

You have the ability to add video, video recordings, and audio recordings – as well as follow up notes from the session with each package.

  • Please make this selection when you purchase so we can properly prepare on our end with technology needs beforehand – and/or allow time after the call to prepare your notes.

Please call our office at (800) 603-6623 and we will try to work out an arrangement for you. (there may be an additional cost, depending on the length of “pause” in the partnership)

Reach out to us anytime to inquire about adding sessions, our number is 1-800-603-6623 or CONTACT US HERE

No. We have discounted group package rates when working with multiple people, corporate teams, and colleagues who wish to purchase time together. There are dynamics that go with coaching and teaching when more than one person is on a call.

Please contact our office to discuss your company or team needs – our number is 1-800-603-6623 or CONTACT US HERE

What Our Past Clients
Have Said About Us…

As a former leadership team member for a regional executive job networking group, we were always looking for valuable speakers to present to our highly active group of professionals.

We asked Janice to provide a presentation that would help members re-energize job search efforts – and she delivered – providing the group with 90 minutes of valuable tips, actionable directives and confidence-boosting activities. Feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive as she delivered a blend of seasoned knowledge, humor, personal anecdotes, and audience interaction in her presentation, which was talked about for months after.

If your organization needs someone who knows how to connect and relate to an audience, educate them with relevant information and has the skills to keep them engaged, I highly recommend Janice for a keynote or speaking needs.

Michael B - Audience Development Director, for a publishing company, Colorado

I have spent the last 10 years in executive leadership roles. While I have had to do many presentations, I always lacked confidence. For years I have wanted to work with a public speaking coach and am glad I picked Janice.

She helped me tear down barriers that stood in the way of my success on a stage, and she gave me actionable advice I could use on structure and preparation to up my game.

I highly recommend working with Janice. She brings energy, objectivity and professionalism to the client experience, and knows how to customize the sessions to meet individual goals.

Brian S. - Senior VP, Product Development, for a top consumer electronics brand, New Jersey

At the age of 32, I found myself in a senior management role with a large organization where my peers were primarily 20+ years older than I and that has presented some challenges. I needed a coach to help me not only improve my public speaking skills but advance my delivery and performance in a way that would help me relate to my more experienced colleagues.

In addition to the valuable objectivity she provides, Janice worked with me to improve my storytelling, from the content and structure, to the tone and delivery. I just delivered my first big presentation last week and walked into that room with far more confidence than I had before.

I am now looking forward to, rather than dreading, my next presentation. Thanks Janice.

Jonathan A. - Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, for a major media conglomerate, California

Working with Janice on my public speaking skills has been a huge boost for my career and confidence. I now have the tools I need to prepare and present in a way that engages the audience and helps me deliver a powerful performance in a room with 10 people or 2,000 attendees.

Thank you Janice for your help. I look forward to sending colleagues your way!

Cheryl M. - VP Brand Management, for a leading skincare brand, New York