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We Help You Increase Your Success

By Helping You Focus On What You Do Best

If after your review, you have any questions – below you will find a link to schedule a call with us, as well as our other contact information.

To answer some of the most common questions that our Recruiter/Placement Agency partners have…


We primarily service mid/upper management – and Executive-level professionals.

Depending on the time of the year – – and what's happening in the job market – – we operate between 25-40% mid/upper management professionals – – and between 60-75% Executive-level. (which for us, is Director and above)

We also work with professionals that are at a more Senior-level of their career – but not in management/leadership.

We primarily focus on Executive-level professionals, as they tend to better appreciate the level and quality of service that we provide. (and the investment that goes with that)


In the ~9 years we've been in business, I honestly can't think of an industry we HAVE NOT serviced.

Our clients come to us from all walks of life, and professional backgrounds – and have found fantastic success after working with us.


  • ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ You can CLICK HERE for a very short survey ⇐ ⇐ ⇐

Where you can let us know industries & geographic areas you service – – as well as candidate career level – – and how you prefer to have candidates sent to you.

When we send our clients' information – – you will receive an email with their corresponding answers, in alignment with your focus areas – – as well as their contact information, and resume.

That way, we only send you candidates that are in alignment with your specific focus areas.


You can CLICK HERE for many, unsolicited reviews & recommendations from past clients.

They will speak to the strength of the materials produced – the value of the coaching, guidance, and advice provided throughout – the additional traction clients receive – and so much more.

COMPLETELY CUSTOM CLIENT EXPERIENCES – built around a framework and structure that we have developed over ~9 years in business.

We have built our company and brand around completely custom experiences – geared specifically towards ensuring every client has the best experience, and success, possible.

  • ~100% of our clients have ~3 hours of 1×1 coaching, to ensure they are fully prepared to speak to why they are a great candidate
  • Many of our clients have also purchased additional 1×1 time, for additional interview coaching/preparation
  • Questions? Call 1 (800) 603-6623 and ask for PRC Co-Owner Barry Breit – – or email your questions to
  • Scheduling Link: Or you can CLICK HERE to set up a quick introduction call – to discuss any questions you have

What do you do when candidates come to you – but they have poor quality resumes/LinkedIn profiles?

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We Can Help With This Too!

So You Can Focus On What You Do Best

Things get held up when job seekers come to you with poorly written resumes, LinkedIn profiles, or other out of focus materials. We save you the headache of trying to rework their resume – we know it's not how you want to spend your time.

Why is this important?

The #1 concern we hear from our clients – is that recruiters/placement agencies do not respond.

We get it – – if they aren't ready to be put in front of your client companies – – there are plenty of other candidates from which to choose.

But do you really want to be known as an agency that doesn't respond?
  • Just send them a form email – – letting them know they need to update their brand, before you can put them in front of companies – – and a link to our website. (and we will reward you for doing so)


Your corporate clients expect you to put top quality candidates in front of them for consideration – but often, those candidates are not prepared due to poorly written or constructed resumes, weak or no LinkedIn profiles, and rusty interviewing skills.

We help you out by making sure you have rock-star candidates to put in front of your clients – increasing your placement success, and client satisfaction.


Our focus is on preparing job seekers to present their personal brand in a cohesive, professional manner through their resume, online profiles, career bios, talking points, elevator pitch, and interview skills. We set them up for success, to increase your placement results.

It's a win-win-win. Your agency focuses on what you do best – – your income-producing activities – – linked to strengthening your corporate relationships, with time to better understand their talent and human capital strategy needs. No need to spend precious time helping potential candidates beef up their resume or improve their LinkedIn profiles – leave that to us.


Instead of being known as an agency that doesn't respond – cement your strong value to candidates by aligning with our top-rated reputation and services – and show that because of our alliance, you are able to give your candidates a discount from our normal pricing.

We have two options for you:

  1. Your clients receive a discount off our pricing by coming to us through you
  2. You receive a referral payment for EVERY client referral who purchases.


We can work with you on the front-end (if you would like) to understand the specific needs for your clients, so once we begin working with them, it is a very smooth experience. Or you can just send people our way, and we'll take the reigns and run!

  • Questions? Call 1 (800) 603-6623 and ask for PRC Co-Owner Barry Breit – – or email your questions to
  • Scheduling Link: Or you can CLICK HERE to set up a quick introduction call – to discuss any and all questions you have.

What Our Clients
Have Said About Us…

“a winning partner for your independent business goals”

I contracted PRC to create updated branding materials and profiles toward my new consulting endeavor. They are very insightful in how to structure your materials to best suit your intended goals and get the attention of the target client audience. Janice, the co-owner, is a consummate professional in what she does; communicating an endless number of ideas on how to highlight our services and strengths and identify the right opportunities to market and promote our services. I recommend PRC and Janice as a winning partner for your independent business goals.

Ken G., Corporate Health & Wellness entrepreneur and coach
“…one of the most valued partners I have…”

Our national corporate office said it was the best written executive bio they have seen from any of their Licensees – ever. Thank you so much for helping me stand out with all the materials you have provided and the marketing guidance. As a new business owner, you are one of the most valued partners I have, and I look forward to a long relationship.

Bill S., Independent Sales Agent

“…the work you did was outstanding….”

The work you did on our senior management team’s executive bios and online profiles was outstanding. We appreciate your tenacity in working with our busy leadership team to complete this project quickly. The session you provided our team on how to make best use of our new bios and profiles toward other opportunities was incredibly valuable. Look forward to hearing from us soon on other PR and writing needs for our firm.

Jack L., CEO, Major Law Firm

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