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We promise when you have completed any of our interview coaching programs, you will be fully prepared and confident to nail your interviews and presentations.

We will turn you into a powerful interviewee and presenter, able to navigate the interview with confidence and ease.

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It is not just how you look on paper. It’s about the whole package. During the job interview, you will be judged on your communication skills, ability to be concise in your responses, and how well you engage in the conversation as they consider whether they can put you in front of key clients, board of directors, investors, an audience or group of employees.

We are veteran interviewers — former journalists, marketing and public relations professionals, with backgrounds coaching executives on how to control and manage the conversation during the interview or presentation and prepping corporate leaders on navigating tough interviews.

We are determined to make sure you leave the kind of lasting impression that will ignite the interest of your interviewer and leave them wanting more – of you. Professional interview and public speaking coaching experience gives Janice the edge you need to prepare and present in a powerful, poised and confident manner.  You will receive custom counsel to meet your specific needs, and actionable step-by-step tips to advance your interviewing and speaking skills to leave potential employers with the impression that you are the top candidate.

Still want to learn more? See what some of our past clients have had to say about our interview coaching work with them:

What clients have said
about our coaching services…

“…wanted to let you how much of a success your coaching has been for me….”

I just wanted to let you know how much of a success your coaching has been for me. I sailed past my first phone call and immediately got scheduled for a face to face meeting for a director position at a great agency. It's an amazing opportunity and I never would have been considered had it not been for your help. I did get my buckets sorted, I stuck on topic and didn't dance around. I kept hearing you in my head the whole time. Thank you for all your help.

Peter B., Creative Director, Top Ad Agency

“The interview coaching alone was worth far more than what I paid…”

I have reviewed everything. I love it and you are amazing! Thank you so much for all of your work on my materials. The interview coaching, guidance and preparation alone was worth more than what I paid. Your services are premium, and way more than I ever expected to receive. I will be happy to refer my fellow colleagues to you in the future. Thank you again.

Dylan C., COO, Global Hospitality Industry
“…refreshingly candid and effective career coaching help…”

It was an extremely pleasant experience to have Janice work with me on my materials and some needed career counseling. I felt at ease and comfortable in placing my trust in Janice's instincts. She stayed in touch throughout the process and was attentive and appreciative of all the feedback I shared. Janice did not overlook even the most minute details I provided her but also offered new suggestions and ideas every step of the way. I would highly recommend Janice to anyone looking for a new career and wondering why they haven't landed a job yet or needs some refreshingly candid and effective career coaching help.

Sana A., On-Air Reporter, Major News Station

FAQ’s – and things you need to know

**Financing – YES – we offer TWO Buy Now, Pay Later options for all services – – –

Or call us at 1-800-603-6623 or CONTACT US HERE with questions.

Yes, absolutely! We have found these structures to produce the best results for our clients – but we also understand that everyone has a unique situation, and needs. Please call us to discuss your thoughts, and any questions you have. 1-800-603-6623

  • Unsure of how to present your value in a face-to-face setting
  • Find yourself not getting past the first interview
  • Unsure of how to put a positive spin on things that could be perceived as negative in your job history (employment gaps, being let go, time off to care for ailing family member or new baby, not quite hitting all skills asked of candidates, etc.)
  • Need help formulating and presenting your elevator pitch
  • Nervous verbal or body language habits are derailing your interview
  • Have not interviewed for a job in some time and need some pointers
  • Interview preparation: to ensure overall confidence in delivery of value points and promoting oneself, providing feedback on communication style
  • Mock interviews: to fully prepare you for the real thing, providing you with professional feedback on communication skills, body language and image presentation
  • Job offer negotiations: to provide you with best practice standards and authentic feedback on your current responses, so you can better negotiate salary, increased benefits, vacation time, advancement and working environment (flex-scheduling, etc)
  • Behavioral interviews: to make sure you have thoroughly thought through your responses and how to present them when preparing for this type of interview technique used by employers to learn about your past behavior in certain situations – as this can be a better predictor of future behavior.
  • Case Study interviews: be prepared for interviews where you will be given a business scenario, with situational background related to the client’s business, and effectively communicate your ideas in a way that shows your ability to reason logically, justify your points and understand basic commercial principles.

We want to know who you are and where you want to go before we hold our first coaching call, by sending you a brief questionnaire we ask you to complete and return to us along with your current resume. We want to dive right in on our first call, and not waste any time.


With our advanced coaching packages, we spend time scouring the internet, and asking our network and databases to predict the questions you will likely be asked.


We provide immediate feedback in our sessions, so you know what to work on next to gain the confidence you need to put your best face forward.


Where required or included with purchase, we provide you with custom guidance tailored to your experience level and industry on what you need to do to improve your communications and body language. We WILL challenge you to improve.


Our goal is to up your game and ensure your confidence level is at 100% when responding during the interview. We give you effective ideas on how to steer the conversation, transition to important points you wish to make and engage with the interviewer or hiring panel in a way that keeps their attention and grows their interest in you as the top candidate.