The Executive’s Marketing Toolbox

The Executive’s Marketing Toolbox



We do not sell these as a standalone service – – this can only be purchased as an add-on to our EXECUTIVE, GOLD, or SILVER packages.

  • Board Application Cover Letter
  • Speaker & Presenter Pitch Letter
  • Media Outreach Pitch Letter


Executive Marketing Kit – Add-ons

A portfolio of valuable tools and strategy coaching on expanding your opportunities as a future board member, respected presenter, quoted expert or contributing editor in industry media.

  • We know how to identify and promote your unique value and expertise toward each of these objectives, building the right tools and strategy for you to get a board appointment, secure speaking opportunities or increase your media opportunities.
  • Work 1×1 with an experienced executive brand specialist with years of success building image, reputation, credibility and opportunity for professionals, company leaders and spokespersons


Please see BELOW for a description of what each item is – and how you can use it


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Board Application Cover Letter

Why would you be a good asset to an executive board?

What experience and skills do you offer that could advance the board’s goals?

Board members are selected for various reasons but mostly for how their experience and skills can augment the board’s full breadth of expertise and capabilities.

  • We will develop a powerful customized cover letter that you can easily edit and send with your other materials (a bio, 1 pg. resume, for instance) to get the attention of the board and organization’s leadership.


Speaker & Presenter Pitch Letter

Do you know how to secure speaking opportunities at industry events and conferences?

Do you know how to pitch yourself to conference coordinators and planners, and within what kind of timeline to get noticed and secure a keynote, presenter or panelist opportunity?

  • We will develop a custom pitch letter outlining to coordinators what you have to offer in terms of expertise and potential topics to meet the needs of their attendees and discuss what to send when to send it, and how to follow up.


Media Outreach Pitch Letter

How do industry professionals get quoted in magazines or ezines, secure guest spots on podcasts or business talk shows, or get their articles published in key industry publications?

They have a strong media outreach toolbox that includes a bio – – – a 1-page resume – – – and a pitch letter that tells the editor or producer:

  1. Your expertise area
  2. Why you are qualified as an expert.
  3. Where this expertise fits into the media platform’s readership, and
  4. Offers a few suggested topics they’d like to be considered for to contribute – a guest article – or to be quoted in an upcoming issue


We will prepare a hard-hitting media pitch letter AND coach you on how to customize it for different purposes in your media outreach to get quoted and contribute articles in front of your target audience.


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