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We have assembled a collection of some of the best writers, brand experts and career writers to bring your story to life.

Each writer works under the direction of co-owner Janice Burch, who has over 30 years of experience positioning ideas, products, companies and people to succeed yielding her mighty pen (or laptop, for today’s digital world). Nothing leaves our office without the approval of the owners so if you are working with one of our writers, know that it has Janice’s stamp of approval, or you don’t see it.

About the owners

We started Pro Resume Center, LLC with a goal of providing premiere career services to clients around the country. Since then, we have worked with thousands of professionals to ignite their job search with hard-hitting resumes, executive bios, LinkedIn profiles and more – in addition to providing strategic coaching services to help clients figure out their next steps or prepare for the interview process.

The idea of providing high-value, customized service is unusual in this industry, as there are so many cookie-cutter resume writing companies out there hiring $10/hour freelance writers to drop information into a standardized format after a salesperson sells you on working with them. And they are happy to take your dollars for a low-quality, impersonalized, and low-return service.

We are changing the industry perception, client-by-client, and have successfully built a business primarily based on word of mouth due to the success our former clients realize after working through our one-on-one process.  We believe that speaks volumes to our quality of work, and personal attention delivering successful outcomes for our clients.

Janice Burch

PARTNER, Executive Branding
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Co-owner Janice Burch has assisted professionals in every industry to transition, transform, and climb upward in their career. An evangelist for “career hygiene,” she believes that being prepared for an opportunity is the first half of career success – and having a top-notch toolbox of materials that are relevant, show impact, and are custom-crafted and ready-to-go is critical to advancement. She brings a unique collection of professional experience to each client including more than two decades in senior leadership positions in public relations, branding, and business development – and more than a decade as a nationally recognized, multi-award-winning journalist.  A storyteller and coach at heart, she leads the quality output and client success efforts for PRC, while juggling public speaking opportunities on topics like advancing one’s career, and women entrepreneurship. FOLLOW Janice on LinkedIn!

Office: (800) 603-6623
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Barry Breit

PARTNER, Director of Operations
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Co-owner Barry Breit brings almost two decades of five-star sales experience along with extensive hiring, training, team building, and project management to the business. He also spent several years as a consultant helping businesses identify strengths and weaknesses, providing direction on turning losses into profits. His prior experience as a coach and trainer brings incredible value and insights to the client experience and outcomes. Barry’s major roles with Pro Resume Center are as Operations and systems director, making sure client needs and deliverables are being met, and the company’s digital assets are working properly for clients. Additionally, he identifies outplacement opportunities, and strategic partnerships with job placement and talent acquisition professionals to augment career search services for our clients.

Office: (800) 603-6623
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