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Helping You Determine a New Career Direction

Nobody does it like we do.

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We do it differently than most. We DO NOT send you a barrage of tests that will inform you that you’re destined to become a race car driver when you grow up or should “go into sales.” We also DO NOT send you tests that tell you your best learning or management style.

Why? Because most of those tests can be obtained, taken and assessed online for anywhere from free to $60 through a variety of different resources.

Our method is highly customized and has been tailored through years of helping people uncover their options for their next career steps. We hold completely custom one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help uncover your translatable skills, career dreams, musts, wishes, don’t-wants and more. We take the information we learn about you and research potential options, to provide you with tangible ideas for titles and positions in a variety of industries. Once we have defined an exciting direction for your career, we get to work crafting your story and building your materials that truly speak to the desired roles you seek.

Option #1

Career Direction Discussion: $300 ² +

  • 1-Hour Call
  • This coaching experience sets us up for success in our next steps – and must be purchased with one of our Job Search Packages. (+$2,495-$4,995)
  • We start with an initial one-hour exploratory call to solidify your next steps – after you complete a brief questionnaire to get the discussion started.
  • Sometimes clients with a fairly firm understanding of the type of roles they will apply for – just need some pre-discussion before we dive into the included writing consultation, as this helps produce better responses for the questionnaire — and bring clarity to your job search.
  • This would include a straight 1-hour discussion – with built-in time for us to review your questionnaire – but there is no post session follow-up. (no notes, research, etc)
    • With this option, you will search for and find your own job links that you will be targeting in your job search.


²***This coaching package must be purchased with one of our Job Search Packages. (+$2,495-$4,995)***

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Option #2

Full Career Direction Coaching: $3,995 ¹|² +

  • This coaching experience sets us up for success in our next steps – and must be purchased with one of our Job Search Packages. (+$2,495-$4,995)
  • This is the option most of our clients choose – as it's a comprehensive experience – and ensures a much more complete review/discussion of your qualifications, and potential career options.
  • This will provide you with an opportunity to look beyond the narrow focus – and see where your skills, experience, and additional certifications could take you.
  1. We start with an initial one-hour exploratory call to determine your top skills, interest areas, and applicable experiences toward other careers
  2. After the first call we get to work preparing a comprehensive 8 to 12-page career options guide, highlighting outcomes from our call.
  3. We ask for your thoughtful feedback on the document
  4. We finish with the 2nd one-hour call to solidify our direction, so we are able to best prepare targeted materials toward your job search goals
  5. Full process outlined below


¹***Occasionally an additional 30-60 minutes of discussion is needed and helpful, to solidify direction. If additional time is necessary, it will need to be added for $200/hour.***

²***This coaching package must be purchased with one of our Job Search Packages. (+$2,495-$4,995)***

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What Our Past Clients
Have Said About Us…

“…honestly changed my professional life.”

My coaching experience with Janice honestly changed my professional life. I signed up for her coaching session when I was having a difficult time expressing my talents effectively on my resume. In my first hour with Janice I learned to identify my career achievements and goals and how to get and keep my career on the right course. After completing her program, I am more confident and truly grateful for Janice's wisdom and guidance. She has an incredible understanding of business relationships, networking, and what it takes to be successful in your career. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to grow and develop their professional career. Thank you so much Janice!

Perla S., Project Manager, Marketing Agency

“…made a big difference in my job search success.”

It was a pleasure working with PRC and Janice as my career coach. Her ability to pull together my career highlights in a logical and concise manner surely made a big difference for my job search success. I was looking for clarity and direction and she was able to pave a comprehensive roadmap for me to follow going forward.

Allen B., CIO, National Security agency
“…Janice knew how to better tell my story toward my ultimate career goals.”

Janice is clearly an expert in the field of personal brand storytelling. Her guidance is priceless as she not only validated but encouraged my professional and personal growth but knew how to better tell my story toward my ultimate career goals. Since working with Janice, my confidence has increased, I’ve landed the position I wanted and just relocated to the West Coast for a job I love.  I cannot thank you enough Janice.

Anna W., Client Engagement Director, e-Commerce business

Our Process – How it works

Our custom, proprietary questionnaire dives into our initial discovery questions, in order to help us have a solid understanding of who you are, what you have done to-date, what areas of interest you, and/or special skills. It is very short – but creates a solid starting point, so we can dive into the deep discussion and exploratory during our first 1-hour session.

This first hour is centered on exploration and discovery. Using the information you provided to us in the questionnaire and your most current resume, we dive into the needs, musts, wants, don’t-wants, and vision for your future career. This first hour is robust discussion all about you, to help us figure out our next steps toward your career planning.

This is where the bulk of our company time is spent – toward your needs.

(delivered within 5-business days after 1st coaching session)

After the first call, we get to work, and spend quite a few hours organizing information from our discussion, prioritizing your top skills, experience, and personality traits – and performing a highly targeted job search to present you with a multitude of customized options showing you where we think you would have the most success transitioning to a new career, title, or industry that would challenge and interest you.

If additional certifications or education or needed, we include that too – – along with our recommendations on where to acquire those certificates, coursework, or licenses.

The result is a robust assortment of different job titles you could potentially target – – organized by the different industries that would yield strong results for your search – – – and utilizes real-world examples, open positions, that are currently available in the job market.

Then it’s time for you to weigh in. Once you receive this document, we ask for your feedback on the information – with grading and your thoughts on the positions we came up with that we felt would be attainable and most suitable for you based on our discussions.

The end goal of this second call is to have arrived at a point of agreement on a bank of related titles, positions, and industries to target your job search, and begin crafting your job search materials (resume, LinkedIn profile, career bio, cover letter, etc) to conduct an effective search, with greater results.

The one-size-fits-all resume is no longer an option in today’s job search world. By targeting your search and materials you stand a much higher chance of getting the call. We’ve got you covered.

The next step in this process is to develop your job search materials.  Note that we do not sell this package by itself – it must be purchased in conjunction with our JOB SEARCH PACKAGES – at your applicable career level.


Get Noticed. Get the Call. Get the Job.

Our custom approach includes personal consultations to help you take a new strategic view of your job history and accomplishments, and together we will elevate your resume, linkedin profile, cover letter and other job search materials to new heights.