Confidence and Attitude: Nail The Interview, Land the Job

By Janice Burch, Co-founder, Pro Resume Center, LLC
Part 1 of 2-part article

baseball throwGoing back to when you were a kid, do you remember how when you felt passionate about making something happen, there was nothing that could stand in your way? How you somehow “turned it on” and turned into what you needed to be, in order to get what you want?

Maybe you turned your formerly shy 4th grade self into a Wall Street negotiator with your playground buddies in order to round out your baseball card collection, or spent countless hours on the weekend pretending to be Dwight Gooden, perfecting your curve ball? Perhaps you laser-focused on cleaning out the entire basement for your parents and painting the back fence so you could get the car for the weekend trip with your buddies senior year? Or maybe you poured it on and worked 50 hours every week that one summer so you could afford the study abroad opportunity in Italy next semester?

You wanted something so badly that you made it happen by becoming what you needed to be, doing what you needed to do, in order to accomplish the goal. Just pause for a moment and think about the sheer persistence and tenacity you had to get some of those things accomplished.

What one common link did any of these desires or goals have, in order to make any of that- happen?

The power of your mind.

SuccessfulInterview 300x201And no doubt, part of getting to that destination, reaching that goal or making that opportunity happen involved working hard.

So now you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or even 50s and you feel like it’s time to make a change in your life.

You need to know that the power of your own persistence, your attitude and sheer will can take you where you want to go. It can take you places you think you could never go, land you job offers in positions where your qualifications may not entirely match up, and put you into the lifestyle you want.

First – Decide where you want to go
What is your long term dream and how can you use your next job to help get you there? Further, how can you try to intersect your dream with your daily job? I promise – when your job and dream are somehow connected, you will get more excited about going to work and closer to making that dream a reality. Maybe you don’t have all the right experience for the job of your dreams, maybe you don’t have the right qualifications according to the job posting. While you need to be realistic, still do not ever discount the idea that you can get where you want to go by believing you can, working at it and making it happen. Fake it 'til you make it? Yes. Something like that.

When you are more motivated by believing in your abilities to complete a task, reach a goal or find the right job, your energy increases and your direction becomes so much clearer. It becomes easier and easier to realize your dream if you start living your life now like you are already living in that future moment.

How do I know this? I applied this thinking during a dark and desperate moment in my life and it helped me land a job in a new career – an opportunity that turned into one of the most successful and exciting career choices I made over my last 30 years in the business world.

Learn more in Part 2: – HOW I FAKED IT ‘TIL I MADE IT: How Attitude and Confidence Carried Me into One of the Best Careers of My Life.


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