By Janice Burch, Executive Resume Writer, Career Coach, Co-Owner at Pro Resume Center, LLC 

LinkedIn is among the most valuable business networking tools available to job seekers today.

The business networking site, born in 2003, has become an invaluable tool to recruiters as the network's numbers have climbed from 37 million users in 2009 to more than 300 million as of last count in May of this year.

According to Masters In Human Resources, 77 percent of all job openings are posted on LinkedIn and 48 percent of recruiters post jobs solely on LinkedIn.

Simply put, recruiters love LinkedIn. It simplifies their work, costs less to use and users can't lie about their work experience when they have professional contacts able to view what they post.

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To put things into perspective, consider this:

• 300 million: The number of LinkedIn users across the globe
• 2 per second: The number of members that sign up with LinkedIn each second of the day
• 100 million: The number of LinkedIn members in the U.S. alone
• 15 million: The number of LinkedIn profiles viewed on mobile devices each day
• 200: The number of countries and territories where LinkedIn is available
• 20: The number of languages LinkedIn is available

Using LinkedIn to help brand yourself, expose your contacts to your skills and work history and desire for a career or job change can help fast forward your search.

So – ready to update your profile? Want to tackle this yourself? Watch later this week for a new post with our top tips on updating your LinkedIn profile.

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