March 2020

Coronavirus and Your Job Search


By Janice Burch, Executive Coach, Co-Owner at Pro Resume Center, LLC Posted 3/15/20 UPDATED 3/17/20 & 3/20/20 - With thoughts from our network about what they are seeing in the hiring world UPDATED 3/19/20 - With the overarching thoughts & feedback from our network - after many conversations Updated 3/30/20 - with additional thoughts [...]

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August 2018

Are You Promoting Your Company’s #1 Asset?


By Janice Burch, Co-Owner, Pro Resume Center, LLC Most industries are crowded with everyone saying their company, product or service is the best.  High-priced marketing consultants and agencies are probably telling you to innovate or reposition your product better, buy advertising, redo your PR plan, create new materials or build a new website or social [...]

Are You Promoting Your Company’s #1 Asset?2018-09-05T12:56:34-05:00

Top 12 Reasons to Hire the Older Worker


By Janice Burch, Co-founder, Pro Resume Center, LLC According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, within just five years approximately 25 percent of the workforce—that's one in four—will be age 55 or older – and that number is going to continue to increase. I have worked with a number of job candidates over the age of [...]

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