• This includes a straight 1-hour discussion - with no pre-prep on our part, or post-session research/notes/follow-up. If additional time is needed after the session for us to perform additional research on your behalf - that time would need to be added. Please call with any questions, 1-800-603-6623
  • Instead of following our normal process outlined HERE:
    1. After purchase, you will send us 2-3 links of roles/jobs that strongly represent your direction & focus.
      • THIS IS NOT CAREER DIRECTION COACHING - please CLICK HERE to see coaching services to help you determine your direction/focus for your search.
    2. Then schedule an additional 1-hour session to complete the questionnaire with us via a phone call - instead of completing on your own.
      • If there are any questions - or information not available during the call - you will need to send it afterward.
    3. Then we move forward with the remaining process as outlined via the top link.
  • This is the add-on cost to upgrade from the "BASICS" package, to the "EXPERIENCED" package. Additional Items included:
    1. Value Proposition - and how to answer the ever-present "Why Should We Hire You?" or "Why Are You the Best Candidate for the Job" questions - delivered in written form after 2nd session, so you can begin preparing for your interviews
    2. Recruiter Outreach Letter
    3. Network Outreach Letter
    4. Your choice of 3 from our 10 different "Proven Tip Sheets" to ignite your search
  • This is the add-on cost to upgrade from the "EXPERIENCED" package, to the "PRO" package. Additional Items that you receive:
    1. 1-Page condensed resume: getting your complete history down to 1-page - for networking, and late-stage interview conversations .
    2. Project/Career Highlights Document: This is an accumulation of your "top projects" or "career highlights" - typically the top 4-5 accomplishments that delivered the most change, impact, or results and of which you are the most proud. This is an excellent added tool and resource to have for three reasons:
      1. To prepare for your interviews, and more confidently express your support stories on the work you have done
      2. As a "leave behind" after your 1st or subsequent interviews
      3. It can capture more details on important wins, when there is insufficient room on the resume
    3. Your Career Bio (2 versions - long & short) is your 1-page story - a strategically written, concise story highlighting where you have been, what you have done and shows, not just tells the reader, what makes you a leader in your industry and the value you have to offer.There are MANY uses for your new Career Bios:
      1. Interview leave-behind
      2. Board appointment applications
      3. Recruiter outreach
      4. Keynote speaker opportunities for conferences, trade shows
      5. Media opportunities
      6. Website bios
      7. Online profiles
      8. and much more...
      You will receive: The long AND short versions of this (for website bios, etc) .
    4. There will also be a full 1-hour wrap up call included (instead of 45-minutes)


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