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There is no one-size-fits-all resume. Every job candidate is unique.

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Every job candidate has a unique story, and different skills, experiences and traits that appeal to a future employer. We know how to identify this information, and use it to promote your value to separate you from the pack. We provide a comprehensive high-value experience unique to the industry, including a personal consultation and development of custom materials, optimized with the right keywords and trigger phrases, and one-on-one counsel on how to use your new materials and present your value in the interview.

Our tiered pricing reflects the time required to address and position candidates at each level of achievement, from early career professionals through C-suite executives.

See below for different pricing structures

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Career Levels & Pricing *

*If you have held 8+ jobs/projects/contracts since the year 2000, add $200 to the price to account for reviewing/writing a longer history.

Clarity & focus in direction is key – there is no such thing as a “general” or “all-encompassing” resume that produces results.

  • If you need help determining your next steps – CLICK HERE to see our Career Coaching package options.

Professional Level Materials

  • Examples: Entry-level roles, teacher, coach, trainer, retail, service rep, supervisor, etc.

Senior & Management Level Materials

  • Examples: 6+ years work experience – OR – All NON-retail manager roles, project manager, analyst, non-entry level IT roles, ALL Senior level roles, and all Consultants

Executive Level Materials

  • Examples: Director, Executive Director, VP, SVP, President, C-suite – and all Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

What Our Past Clients
Have Said About Us…

“…finest resume I’ve ever had….”

This is the finest resume I’ve ever had, and I’d like to thank you for your hard work and patience. There is a crystal-clear difference between a duties type of resume and accomplishments.  This resume is so very powerful and tells a fantastic story.

Dan K., Sr. Director, Technology Management

“…a highly talented resume writer and career coach…”

Janice is a highly talented resume writer and career coach….a great listener and able to understand my unique career history and where I would like to go in the future. She did a great job at emphasizing my strengths and skills on my resume. I would highly recommend Janice and her company to anyone seeking to take their job search to the next level.

Shirin A., Senior Director, Technology Industry

“Exceptional wordsmith……a life changing process….”

Exceptional Wordsmith is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Pro Resume Center. Their process and experience proved to be a true asset in getting the best information out of me to better tell my story and summarize my unique background. Speaking with my professional writer and coach was so easy, I didn't even notice we were working on what would become a life changing process. I would recommend PRC to anybody looking to push their resume or career to the next stage.

Adam, Senior Enterprise Director, Technology Industry

“…delivered results that went far beyond expectations.”

PRC worked with me to refine and refresh my professional branding materials. My writer was a great coach, asking on-point questions and crafting excellent suggestions while inviting feedback. She and the support team provided outstanding leadership through the process and delivered results that went far beyond expectations. Without reservations I would recommend PRC for their expertise in this field and premium customer service.

Tom B., Senior Sales Director, Automotive Manufacturing

“…far more interviews after working with them. It works!”

When you need help or improvement for your CV, resume and even LinkedIn content, definitely contact PRC. The owners, writers and coaches are authentic, highly knowledgeable and client-focused. They significantly revised all of my application documents and coached me on outreach and networking in the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical industries. I got far more interviews after working with them. It works!

Charlie K., Senior Biopharmaceutical Research Scientist, Pharmaceutical Industry
“…was able to secure the interview and land the job I really wanted.”

PRC writers are absolute experts in their industry, very knowledgeable and responsive in delivering outstanding client services. They not only met all my expectations but provided me with additional feedback and extra advice to prepare me for my interview. My writer made me feel that my priorities were her priorities. With the help of PRC, I was able to secure the interview and land the job I really wanted. I really appreciated all the guidance and highly recommend PRC’s services.

Joy W., Senior Director – Investments, Financial Services Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

**Financing – YES, we also offer a great payment plan option for all services – please reach out for more information and the application. 1-800-603-6623 or CONTACT US HERE

Yes, absolutely! We offer a robust assortment of coaching options – which you can see HERE. Or you may also call us directly, to discuss how we can provide a much more all-encompassing experience: 1-800-603-6623

Please see our “Our Process” page

In one word? Everything!

This is a complete experience.

We rewrite the top summary section to better tell your unique story — your job descriptions — we fully set up keyword selection and optimization — update your skills (maximizing all 50 opportunities) — set up new banner and profile photos — Patents — Awards — Media Mentions — Media Uploads – as well as ensure your profile is set for ideal visibility. This is all done with your network notifications turned “OFF” – so no one will know, unless/until you are ready to push your new profile out to the public.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you have: 1-800-603-6623

We firmly believe in only setting up our clients for success – as such, we only sell packages that we believe will produce results. The resume, cover letter & LinkedIn profile packages are our “starting point” with all clients – and we do not sell lower packages. If you have a very unique and specific situation, you may always call to determine custom pricing for your specific situation: 1-800-603-6623

No, all edits are included with our services. We want you to be completely confident in your new materials – so we include 30-days of unlimited revisions after receiving the first draft of the resume – for edits & revisions of all materials. (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc).

We firmly believe that the idea of a “job placement” guarantee – is a marketing gimmick. Look close, read the terms – you are required to provide PROOF of 30-80 applications EVERY month – along with other hurdles to scale to prove you’ve followed their guarantee terms.

Instead – this is our guarantee – If you strictly follow the process we will bring you through in writing your new materials, and how to properly execute a job search – you will have far greater success than you will ever achieve with the “old school methods” still being preached by others.

Read our recommendations – they are unsolicited and demonstrate the premium level of service you will receive.

Get Noticed. Get the Call. Get the Job.

Our custom approach includes personal consultations to help you take a new strategic view of your job history and accomplishments, and together we will elevate your resume, linkedin profile, cover letter and other job search materials to new heights.

Questions? Click here – or call 1-800-603-6623