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Our custom approach guiding executive leaders into new opportunities and advanced roles has proven successful with each client we've had in the last six years.

Are you ready to work with the top provider in the industry?

We promise a highly customized and professional experience that will accelerate your results.

The process we have developed is built to bring you maximum value – it is not just about rewriting your resume and LinkedIn profile. The work we do together will help you gain greater clarity and focus as to what makes you a unique candidate – and guide you in speaking to those points with confidence in future conversations or interviews.

Further, clients continue to tell us our process is a very thorough experience – because we push for more information where needed, and never settle for “good enough.” Also, we include additional value throughout your experience to help you prepare for your interviews, handle challenging questions, prep your elevator pitch and more.

Our goal is to help you develop custom materials that opens doors, and effective coaching to help you better tell your unique story when networking, in interviews, in outreach to recruiters and at personal and professional events.

We will help you stand out in today's competitive market.

What is the Process?

This is a true, Executive-level experience – with no questionnaires, just robust consultations and coaching sessions.

After purchase – you will send us 3-4 links/examples of roles that are strongly representative of what you're targeting – and then we begin.

No other forms or questionnaires to fill out.

Working with company co-founder and Executive Coach JANICE BURCH – your two 1-hour sessions will serve as the starting point for your partnership. Between the two sessions – we have created a process that will help us not only uncover that basic background information typically gathered via a questionnaire – but we will also discuss your top projects – biggest wins – greatest accomplishments- where and how you have brought success and change in your prior roles – and so much more.

We use this time to dive much deeper into your background to discover what makes you a contender in your industry, and why you are unique – as well as dig into your career accomplishments, and personal story. Further, we help you prep up your elevator pitch and talking points.

This step of the process is something we offer that is vastly different than most in our industry. It is designed not only to write your resume – but create valuable and robust conversations with actionable items for you to think about and work on – while we are creating your new job search and personal branding documents.

By the end of the 2nd session – we will have everything we need to create your new job search package – and within 24-hours you will receive… (please see Step 3)

There is some version of this question that WILL come up, at some point in the interview process:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why are you the best person for this position and our company?

The question will come up – and even if it doesn't – having this prepared can be utilized in many ways other ways to solidify your value to the company.

After your 2nd session with Janice – together you will have developed your customized reply to this question – and Janice will provide a full, written version for you to utilize and practice from for future interviews.

Then we begin writing – the first draft of your resume is delivered in 5-business days after your 2nd consultation with Janice.

  • Each round of edits are returned in 3-business days.
  • All packages include 45-calendar days of unlimited revisions after you receive the first draft of the resume – for edits & revisions of all materials. (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc).

We can also accommodate your rush order needs – pricing is based on your specific turnaround needs, and project parameters.

Please call for more information: 1-800-603-6623

After the resume is finalized the Career Bio first draft is delivered in 4-business days.

  • Each round of edits are returned in 3-business days.

Once your resume & Career Bio have been finalized, we will complete all remaining materials purchased:

  • Project highlights document
  • 1-page resume version
  • Cover letter
  • Follow-up letter (for after your interviews)
  • References page
  • Short-form Career Bio
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Recruiter Outreach Letter
  • Network Outreach Letter
  • All written in one cohesive voice and tone – and with your new Executive-level format consistant across each – continuing your brand across all documents.

These remaining materials are delivered in 5-business days, and are completed all at once and delivered at the same time.

  • Each round of edits are returned in 3-business days.
  • The 45-calendar days of edits does NOT start over, it is a continuation from when the resume 1st draft was delivered

Once all materials are finalized, we send a link to schedule your wrap-up Strategy Coaching Session, which must be held within two (2) weeks of completion of your materials.

We can use this time together in whichever way YOU would find the most value:

  • Polish up your elevator speech – that was delivered at the start of the project
  • Provide you with a custom LinkedIn tutorial with guidance on how to utilize it for your specific goals
    • This one tool may become one of the most important in your job search toolbox – EXCEPT your network, and networking strategies
  • Share insights on how to expand your thought-leadership opportunities (media mentions, speaking opportunities, board appointments, content development, contributed articles, etc)
  • During our work together – we will likely decide together where we would find the best use of our strategy session

Our goal after this final step? You are ready to run from the gate with your new materials, fully confident in your new tools and how to use them, and able to speak with confidence to set you apart in the pool of candidates and your industry.

It is not just how you look on paper. It’s about the whole package. During the job interview, you will be judged on your communication skills, ability to express yourself concisely concise in your responses, and how well you engage in the conversation as they consider whether they can put you in front of key clients, investors, an audience or team of employees.

We are determined to make sure you leave the kind of lasting impression that will ignite the interest of your interviewer and leave them wanting more. We provide custom counsel and actionable step-by-step tips to advance your interviewing and speaking skills to an accomplished level.

If purchased – your social media banner development will begin at project start, as it will be created at the same time.


  • 4 Banner Platforms (can choose from Personal LinkedIn PROFILE, Company LinkedIn PAGE, Facebook Page/Group/Profile, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Website banner, etc)
  • 5-rounds of edits
  • Final Image formats included: PNG, JPG, PSD
  • All source files included – so you can update/tweak, as your brand evolves over time
    • You can just provide these to any developer/designer you work with in the future, and they will have everything they need

How long will it take?

  • Our office hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm Central Time, and Fridays 9am-5pm Central Time
  • Your personal one-on-one consultations will be scheduled for dates/times that works best for your schedule – as we will provide a scheduling link where you can choose
  • Edits: All packages include 45-calendar days of unlimited revisions after receiving the first draft of the resume – for edits & revisions of all materials. (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc).
    • This time does not restart when we begin the items after your resume – so it's important we stay on task until completion
  • Resume first draft delivered in 5-business days
    • Edits returned in 3-business days each round
  • Please see the “How Does it Work” section – for a complete breakdown of each step of the process

START-TO-FINISH TOTAL TIME: most clients are completed in ~4-6 weeks (plus the time to schedule your interview coaching sessions, after completion)

  • Some people take a little less time, others a little more – this all depends on your responsiveness

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Our custom approach includes personal consultations to help you take a new strategic view of your job history and accomplishments, and together we will elevate your resume, linkedin profile, cover letter and other job search materials to new heights.

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