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You want to tackle rewriting your own resume/CV, but still want guidance from a professional resume writer?

If you are looking to have someone rewrite your resume for you, please see our normal resume services here.

Though having a professional write your resume for you has enormous advantages, we understand that not everyone wants someone else to do this for them. Maybe you really enjoy writing or are an "eternal learner" who wants to learn how to write a top-notch resume from a true professional. Maybe you're a little tight on money right now, need expert advice from a resume writing professional and career coach, and want to take that advice and run with it on your own.

We will cover any questions, formatting, grammar, punctuation, key missing information, what should be removed, general ideas on how to reword certain sections, etc. Everything that you need to know so that you are able to write the best resume possible on your own.

All sessions also include a 15-minute phone follow-up after you rewrite your resume. You can take the advice from the original critique session, rework your resume, and we will have another 15-minute phone session with you to give you our final feedback.


Now servicing [imwb_cgt_cityName] [imwb_cgt_regionName] and nationwide.

Two Session Options

PLEASE NOTE: These services are for job seekers looking for their next position. We also offer robust custom services for people in need of a critique of their marketing materials to promote their personal branding efforts, freelance services, consultant work, start-up or entrepreneurial endeavors, etc. Please contact us directly for pricing on these type of services, 1-800-603-6623.

1-Hour Session - $169:
Our most popular option, if you are looking to rewrite your resume yourself and want truly in-depth advice and guidance, this is your best choice. A full 1-hour session gives the resume writer that you will be working with enough time to not only answer your questions, but also the time to dive into EVERY aspect of your resume, especially as it relates to the specific industry you are targeting.

You will come away from this session with a complete understanding of everything you need to do to improve your resume.

30-Minute Session - $89:
If you are looking for more high-level advice, this is a great option. While there will not be enough time to dive as deep into every aspect of your resume as with the other option, we will still cover as much as possible during those 30 minutes to vastly improve your current resume.

You will come away from this session with an overall understanding of what needs to be done to rewrite your resume yourself, but have less specifics than with a 1-hour session.

Either Option Includes:

  • Personal 30-minute or 1-hour phone or online consultation (via a phone call)
  • Flexible scheduling - you choose the date and time for your critique session. We provide direct access to our calendar so you can schedule the best time that works for your schedule
  • 15-minute phone follow-up after you rewrite your resume. You can take the advice from the original critique session, rework your resume, and we will have another 15-minute phone session to give you our final feedback.
  • LinkedIn profile critique and guidance included, if there is enough time left in the session.
  • Service Discounts: If you decide later that you would prefer to have us rewrite your materials for you, we also offer a slight discount on our other services. (Please inquire for discount details, 1-800-603-6623)
  • Subscription to our newsletter packed with advice, tips, and insights to help you with your job search, the interview, your follow-up and more
  • In addition, for EACH referral you make to Pro Resume Center who purchases any of our services, you receive a $10-$40 gift card of your choosing to any national/online store that offers eGift cards
  • PLEASE NOTE: It will be important that you take good notes - neither option includes post session notes, as this would be the same as us rewriting your resume.


You can also purchase a gift certificate for all of our services - a great gift idea for the soon to be college graduate, friend, family member or co-worker searching for a new job or internship.

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