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Recruiter Partnerships

Now servicing [imwb_cgt_cityName] [imwb_cgt_regionName] and nationwide.

Our focus is on preparing job seekers to look, sound and present their best impression online, on paper and in person in today's competitive job market.

Whether working with entry level, college graduates, senior management or C-Suite Executives, our primary services are helping our clients prepare the best tools possible for their job search toolbox, including a resume, or CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, follow-up letters, website, blog content and more.

What don't we do? We do not do any placements.


How Can We Help You?

Focus On What You Do Best

Things get held up when job seekers come to you with poorly written resumes, LinkedIn profiles or other out of focus materials. We can save you the headache of trying to rework their resume – we know it’s not how you want to spend your time.

Free up your time to focus on your corporate client relationships, placing qualified candidates and other income-producing activities for your business.

Pricing Discount

Establish credibility with your clients by aligning your company with our top-rated reputation and services, and show that because of our alliance, you are able to give your clients a discount from our normal pricing.

We have two options for you:

  1. Your clients receive a discount off our pricing by coming to us through you
  2. You receive a referral payment for EVERY client referral who purchases. The reward is based on the purchase amount.

Customized Client Experience

We work with you on the front end to understand the specific needs for your clients, so once we begin working with them, it is a very smooth experience.

We also offer a custom purchase page on our website for your clients, which shows the special discounted pricing they receive. You give them the direct link to the page, and we take it from there.  If they have any questions we are ready to help - and we can keep you posted on progress as much or as little as you wish, once we begin working with them.

Please Call With Any Questions: (800) 603-6623

Now servicing [imwb_cgt_cityName] [imwb_cgt_regionName] and nationwide.

Want To Learn More?

To learn more about how this partnership would benefit your company, please call co-owner Barry Breit at (800) 603-6623 or email him directly at

We look forward to exploring a potential partnership with you, helping both of our businesses thrive.

Now servicing [imwb_cgt_cityName] [imwb_cgt_regionName] and nationwide.

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