What Goes Into Writing a Resume?

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First impressions.
What goes into the most important investment
you can make toward your job search?

If you want proven, personal, high-value service and results from seasoned, award-winning writers and coaches,  and expect to receive a top-of-the-line product to help you shorten your time to re-employment, your investment dollars are best spent with us.

We are a company run by real people accessible to you at all times during the process - not just a company name passing off your resume and business to a $7/hour writer located in another country working from their basement. Yes - that is how many of the "resume mills" work.

So what goes into our services to give you, our client, the best value and end results?
Here's a peek inside our process and the effort we put into each client's purchase:

  • Thorough review of all documents PRIOR to our consultation

    This can consist of your resume(s) and additional background information; your responses to our custom questionnaire; pertinent job descriptions; industry job market reports; any reports or graphs you provide showing your previous job results; reference letters and more. Time involved: 1+ hours

  • Evaluate and prioritize all data

    We then need to decide from these documents/responses which sections and bits to highlight and where, while also deciding on options for your best branding strategy, based on your specific achievements and career highlights. Time involved:  1-2 hours or more

  • Assess your career goals and experience to determine strategy

    Figuring out how to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  Here, we decide which is the best resume/CV format for you: chronological, functional, results first, etc., and how much of your work experiences to include to target your desired position and devise a strategy to handle any career liabilities. Time involved:  1+ hours

  • Our personal consultation session

    Not all firms do this step and if they do, they often charge extra.  We include a crucial 15-minute to 1-hour consultation with every resume purchase. We consider it an important investment for us to better understand  your needs and job search challenges. Already up to speed on your background before this meeting, now we can focus on the issues most important to your job search. There is also prep time before and after the consultation to gather our thoughts and highlights from our discussion and send them to you. Time involved: 30-minutes to 1.5 hours

  • Develop the first draft of resume

    Setting up the new resume in the selected layout and making design alterations while tweaking and wordsmithing the document. Drafting sentences for best impact, optimizing for readability, creating new phrases to prevent repetition and drafting the all-important career summary and achievement statements for each position.  The career summary is critical, as this summary is the initial “marketing” statement you present to hiring managers, recruiters and job boards. Time involved: 1 to 2 hours+

  • Editing and revisions

    A good writer reviews a draft prior to submitting it to the client for initial review.  This will include spellchecking, proofing, and editing of text/styles and, after the client has had a chance to review the first draft, make any needed revisions.  This stage in the process varies dramatically depending on how close the writer has “hit the mark” in the client’s estimation.  Each revision includes more editing, spell checking and proofing.  Time involved:  30 or more minutes per revision

  • Finalize order and delivery/follow up

    Once all the revisions are complete, your order is ready to be finalized.  We prepare the resume for delivery in three formats – PDF, completely unformatted for online submissions and word.doc so you can change things going forward as needed. Prepare final email to you with instructions, follow up advice and send final documents.  Time involved:  30 minutes

  • That means we spend from 5 - 8 hours AT MINIMUM on just creating the ideal resume. Break it down.

    Sure you can find resume writers out there charging $10/hour for their services. And you can find others charging what comes to about $50/hour, too. Our prices are placed squarely in the middle but what you receive with our services reaches far beyond what you’ll receive from most other agencies. We love what we do, are very good at it and will work tirelessly to help you get the job you want.

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Now servicing [imwb_cgt_cityName] [imwb_cgt_regionName] and nationwide.