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Sending a follow-up letter after an interview is a smart way to signal your interest in the role and solidify the interviewer's positive impressions. But your follow-up letter needs to be well written with the correct purpose, or it is not effective.

The purpose of the follow-up letter is much more than thanking the interviewer for their time. This communication is about cementing your skills and experience most valuable to the position, and highlighting the important points made during the interview

A well-written and constructed follow-up letter helps maximize your chances for a call back by highlighting your applicable experience for the available position and shows the company you understand the value of follow-through.

We create these individually based on information obtained from your resume, cover letter, the position and the industry in which you are applying, highlighting your skill sets for the position. We show you where to insert the important points from each interview into the letter. After each interview, you can simply update this section for subsequent follow-up letters that you will need in the future as well.

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