Career & Interview Coaching

NOTE: Gift certificates are available for purchase for all services. Please call with any questions 1-800-603-6623.

Now servicing Ashburn Virginia and nationwide.

As with all of our services,you can purchase our coaching/consultation sessions as a gift for the job seeker in your life. Please call for details, 1-800-603-6623.

Need someone in your corner who can give you an honest and experienced assessment of your current job search goals and materials? A personal coach who can provide you with concrete, step-by-step guidance, spelling out what you need to do to accelerate your search and step up your networking game – without trying to sell you more stuff?

Pro Resume Center’s career and interview coaching service provides you with a solution-oriented, hands-on approach to achieve your career objectives.

Coaching sessions include a one-on-one personal session over the phone or online (choice of Google Hangout or Skype) to help you address your challenges and provide you with effective guidance to promote your greatest strengths and assets in today’s competitive job market.

We don’t mess around. Your time and money is important and we respect both from the moment the clock starts ticking on your session(s).

With our coaching session packages, we provide a completely customized experience built around what YOU need to move forward, including daily actionable steps to more quickly attain your career goals. Our customized coaching materials and resources will improve your confidence, interviewing and speaking skills and networking abilities. We can also peel away those negative layers to help you better understand what factors may be keeping you from moving forward in your career and job search.

We can also help you prepare for interviews, discuss hurdles, explore additional networking options or plan your 5-10 year career path and how to get there.  In addition, we offer in-person full day sessions providing you with anything that you need to prepare for your career change, including Interview Boot Camp, Managing the Media, Uncovering Your Top Strengths, and Growing Your Professional Network - we will customize this to meet your needs.

No matter how many sessions you purchase, or what they are used for, we guarantee we will help you assess your professional situation with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion than you have ever experienced.


Also, you receive direct access to our interactive calendar where you can schedule your session/sessions for a date and time that works best for your schedule.

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Now servicing Ashburn Virginia and nationwide.