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  • We are award-winning writers and storytellers, public relations and marketing experts who can tell your individual, team or company story to help promote your company in a number of ways
  • Our work on your executive team’s image and profiles will reinvigorate your brand and empower your team and can directly impact your company’s ability to get in the door of new clients, increase vertical sales, engage new investors, and establish strong partnerships.

Why do you need new Executive Profiles?

  • Executive profiles show the personalities and individual strengths behind your corporate brand and top team
  • A wise investment that can be used in multiple ways to increase your company’s presence, enhance your image, and attract new clients
  • Strengthens your team’s confidence, internal and external image and industry presence – online and in print
  • Builds a more personal relationship with potential clients and partners

Different Ways Executive Profiles Can Be Used

  • Company Website
  • Business Network Profiles
  • New Client Proposals
  • Investor Engagement
  • Executive Board Applications
  • Partnership Interests
  • Media Opportunities
  • Public Speaking Opportunities
  • Community Engagement
  • Industry Competition Entries

Why Work With Us?

  • We ask the right questions - we have been around long enough to know that if we don’t ask the right questions up front, the output will suffer
  • We don’t deliver acceptable – only outstanding – and our repeat business, recommendations and referrals affirm this
  • Quick turnaround to prepare for client pitches, website or service launches, or corporate structure changes
  • Our company leadership has a collection of 35+ years of top level executive business experience working with and consulting for small to large businesses to build success
  • Nationally recognized, award-winning journalists, business writers and public relations executives work directly with you and your team on your project
  • Agencies and marketing firms often charge triple or more for this work, due to extensive overhead and markup costs. We know. We’ve worked there. We want to make this as painless and affordable as possible for you, with an eye on delivering the best content and profiles possible for your organization

We’ve made our process easy and efficient to ensure you have your new profiles in hand – ready to upload, or transfer or print  - as soon as possible.

Our Process:

  • We hold a one-on-one phone call/virtual meeting with the company owner or person in charge of this project to learn more about your goals for the project, so we can best understand what you need and provide a solid proposal.
  • We provide a project proposal detailing what you will receive and the total project cost. We typically do not work by the hour. Why? So clients know what to expect – no surprises! We’ve done this long enough to know what to charge to give you the most value, at the best price.
  • We also offer bulk rate value pricing – the more team members we work with, the more you save!
  • You decide who within your company will be the primary contact for us to check in with, deliver the final drafts to for review and sign off on the work.
  • Each team member receives a questionnaire and personal one-on-one consultation so that we can be sure we have uncovered all accomplishments and highlights of their career and contributions to create a new powerful and influential executive profile.

Questions? Contact co-owner Barry Breit at barry.breit@proresumecenter.com or (800) 603-6623.

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Want To Learn More?

Get in touch with co-owner Barry Breit to learn more at
barry.breit@proresumecenter.com or (800) 603-6623.

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